Android App Development USING Kotlin






Skill Level

4 to 6 Weeks




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Learning Path

Introduction to Kotlin
Create your first Android app
Build a basic layout
Add a button to an app

1 week to complete

Get user input in an app: Part 1
Get user input in an app: Part 2
Display a scrollable list

1 week read to complete

Navigate between screens
Introduction to the Navigation component
Architecture components
Advanced navigation app examples

1 week to complete

Get and display data from the internet

1 week to complete


In this Kotlin Android Course, you will learn how to build Android Apps with Kotlin, the programming language chosen by google to be used for Android native apps, going forward.

After this complete masterclass you will be able to build your own Android apps.
You are going to learn all the fundamentals of Kotlin required to build android apps but, before we can do so, we need to set up Android Studio and our AVD (Android Virtual Device). Once you are done with the basics, we will start building real applications.

In this Kotlin Android Tutorial you will learn how to build two apps. An “age in minutes” and a calculator app. By doing so, you will learn the fundamentals of how Android App development works. How to create your first app, how to run it on your phone and much more. This is ideal if you are interested in any type of programming. As we are going to dive into Kotlin. Kotlin is a fresh programming language which grows constantly in popularity when it comes to building Android apps.

So you’ll learn all the basics, but also build some cool android projects for beginners.
This course is ideal for Android programming beginners as you will start with setting up Android Studio and build the programs from scratch.

Of course, you will also see how to setup your Android Emulator, to run the apps you will program on your PC, without needing an Android phone for testing.

Android Apps can be developed with Java and Kotlin. Recently Google has decided to focus on Kotlin.

So if you want to get started as an Android programmer and get a job in this field, then doing as many projects as possible is a great idea. Specifically, Android projects, as it is easy to publish them, and build your own portfolio.

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