Frontend Web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript






Skill Level

4 Weeks




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Learning Path

Create a programming project with a code editor
Construct nested websites with HTML tags and elements
Troubleshoot and debug HTML errors and bugs

1 week to complete

Style website components by ID, class and type
Connect CSS to a website
Position and display website elements
Modify and control website typography
Troubleshoot and debug issues with stylesheet

1 week read to complete

Intro to JavaScript
Basic Program Structure
Function Fundamentals
Object Data Structure
Advanced Function Concepts
Advanced Object Concepts

1 week to complete

Advanced JS concepts
DOM manipulation
Fetching, parsing and displaying data
2 live mini projects

1 week to complete


This comprehensive course gives you everything you need to begin a career in front-end web development. In this fast-paced, project-based 4-week course, you will be introduced to all the skills necessary for web application front-end design and development.

The “front-end languages” live in the browser. After you type an address into the address bar at the top and hit the enter/return key, your browser will receive at least an HTML file from the web server. That file will likely tell the browser to request a CSS file and a JavaScript file as well.

Each of these languages performs a separate but very important function and they work harmoniously together to determine how the web page is STRUCTURED (HTML), how it LOOKS (CSS), and how it FUNCTIONS (JavaScript). And keep in mind that your browser handles figuring out how to make these files into a functioning web page (not the server).

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